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Why Prepare using PTE Practice Tests

Prepare, Practice & Achieve Success with PTE Mock Test Simulations

PTE Practice Tests is a modern self-learning portal dedicated to helping students with their preparation of PTE Academic. Our portal is powered by cutting-edge technology for stimulating a real PTE examination to give you the experience of attempting PTE, develop confidence and succeed in your endeavor.

Realizing the need for a proper portal to have first-hand experience of attempting the PTE Academic, we aim at helping students save money, time and efforts by giving a true picture of their stature. With the help of our online portal, a student can take benefit of 50+ PTE Mock Tests, expert evaluation and see if he/she is ready for the ultimate PTE challenge.

"Practice makes a man perfect"

With PTE Practice Tests, you can achieve the desired perfection that will help you succeed in the PTE academic. With the help of our structured online PTE Mock Tests and detailed evaluation by a PTE expert, you can improve your performance without having to spend large sums of money on attempting PTE again and again. Just practice with PTE Practice Tests and increase your confidence levels that will help you in clearing PTE Academic.

Developed while keeping the needs of students in mind, our platform helps you login easily from any device- mobile, laptop or a tablet and start taking tests within minutes. All our PTE Mock Tests are developed after gathering deep insights from PTE and language experts to give you close-to-reality experience of attempting a PTE Tests. Collectively, our technology and linguistic expertise help you succeed in your dream of clearing PTE Academic in flying colors. So, what are you waiting for? Start your PTE Journey with PTE Practice Tests, today!

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Unique features of our PTE Mock Tests

With PTE Practice Tests, you can take a test anywhere, anytime in real-time test environment with real scorecards and expert evaluation.

automated instant scoring for reading tests

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automated instant scoring for listening tests

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Why Choose PTE Practice Tests for Online Preparation?

With PTE Practice Tests, you can easily improve your performance, without having to spend exorbitant sums on attempting PTE Academic examination, repeatedly. Our carefully-designed PTE Mock Tests, detailed scorecards by expert evaluation help you find sections you need to focus on your preparation, easily. Just sign up for a mock test and start taking the online test from anywhere in the world. With our online preparation platform, you can enhance your confidence and be in a better position to crack the challenging PTE examination with ease.

Valuable Expert Evaluations

PTE Practice Tests isn’t just a PTE Mock Test platform but a facilitator that aims at improving your examination scores. By providing a detailed dashboard with deep insights, we enhance your ability to self-assess your performance. At the same time, we also provide valuable and deep evaluation reports developed by experts to help you gauge your strong areas and weak points.


With the help of our expert evaluations, you can get a clear idea about where you stand and plan your preparation schedule, accordingly. Designed on the lines of modern PTE Academic scorecards, our reports give you answers to everything you need to know about your future preparation plan.

Download a Sample Score Card

Complete Feedback Report After Evaluation

Do you feel that PTE scorecard doesn't provide enough information on where exactly you're lacking? Are you tired of giving PTE Examination Multiple times but stuck on a particular section? Do you wish if there was a way for you to know where exactly you're lacking and where to focus to improve your score quickly?


We at PTEPracticeTests.com brings you just that. We believe that the feedback report after an evaluation is more important than the scorecard itself. With the feedback report, you can get to know your strength, weakness, and also you will get suggestions from our experts to help you achieve your target score. With the help of the feedback report and suggestions, you will be able to accelerate your preparation and will be able to get your desired score faster.

Download Feedback Report

PTE Academic Test Format

PTE Academic conducts an online test in a single three-hour session where an aspirant is evaluated on various abilities such as listening, reading, speaking and writing. The test is conducted at a Pearson Test Center where the student is required to take the test on a computer.

The test consists of questions in different formats- multiple choice, essay writing, interpretation, etc. that evaluates you on how well-versed you are with real-life English use as well as academic English principles. The test is divided into three parts:

Speaking and writing section are clubbed together and a student is required to portray his proficiency in speaking and writing English language. The evaluation consists of several challenges that a student is required to overcome in order to successfully clear in the PTE. These challenges include:

Personal introduction ( Not Scored ) Read aloud Repeat sentence Describe image Re-tell lecture Answer short question Summarize written text Essay Writing

The reading section checks a student on his/her ability to read and comprehend English language. The evaluation requires students to answer questions and do the following:

Multiple choice, choose single answer Re-order paragraphs Reading: Fill in the blanks Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks Multiple choice, choose multiple answers

Listening section evaluates listening abilities of students where he/she is required to listen to audio/video clips and answer questions based on the information in the clips. A student is required to:

Summarize spoken text Fill in the blanks Highlight correct summary Select missing word Highlight incorrect words Write from dictation Multiple choice, choose multiple answer Multiple choice, choose single answer

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Benefits of PTE Practice Tests


This is why we do, What we do

PTE Practice Tests have helped hundreds of students over the years.

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    Improvement in my scores"Using PTE Mock Tests from ptepracticetests.com I was able to achieve my desired score of 79+. Kudos to team for helping me with my dream."

    Mayank Gupta | Australia
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    Accurate Evaluations"Evaluations provided by ptepracticetests.com turned out to be pretty accurate. It helped me schedule my actual PTE slot accordingly."

    Isha Verma | India
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    Like Real Examination"I would recommend service of ptepracticetests.com for anyone planning to take PTE examination in near future. It is better to go through mock tests first before appearing for your real examination."

    Yu Yan | Singapore
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    Awesome Support"I was able to gain confidence in my real examination thanks to scored tests provided by ptepracticetests.com. Such a wonderful service with friendly and awesome support."

    Thomas J | Sri Lanka

Score Better in PTE Academic with our Mock Tests

Improve your confidence and performance in PTE Academic.

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Your mock tests login account will be valid for 1 Year from the date of purchase.

Evaluations is service by which you get scores of your test. You can request for evaluation for tests depending upon the package you selected. You will get score card like real PTE Examiantion after evaluation.

It will take upto 2 working days for evaluation.

We have auto scoring facility availaible for reading and listening tests. Which means once you complete the test, you will get score out of 90. This service is completely free and score and analysis report will be availiable immediatly once you complete the test.

Unfortunately no, Mock tests are meant to be used by single person only. If your friend also wants to use our mock tests, he will have to purchase it for himself.

Absolutely, If you contact us within 24 hours of purchase, we will provide you full refund in case you didn't like our mock test or think its not good enough. No questions aksed.

Yes you can, our mock tests can be used on Mobile, Tablet and PC. However we recommend you to use a Computer with a querty keyboard to get expirence of real examiation.

No, You just need updated Goolge Chrome browser and A fast and stable internet connection.

We recommend having atleast 2Mbps to use our mock tests.

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