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FAQs On PTEPracticeTests


What is PTE Practice Tests?

It is an online PTE Self Learning Portal. Students can take 50+ Online Mock Tests and evaluation to prepare for PTE Academic Exam.


What do PTE Practice Tests offer?

We offer two test packages: PTE Practice Tests Package I & PTE Practice Tests II.


PTE Practice Tests


What do I get with PTE Practice Tests Package I?

PTE Practice Tests

You get 50 Online PTE Academic Mock Tests and one free evaluation. 


How much does the PTE Practice Tests Package I costs?

It cost 30 AUD.


What do I get with PTE Practice Tests Package II?

You get 50 Online PTE Academic Mock Tests and First Five Evaluations free.


What is the price of PTE Practice Tests Package II?

It costs 50 AUD.


What are the systems mock tests are compatible with?

Windows, Mac and Linux System. 


Can I access Mock Tests on any device?

PTE Practice Tests

Yes, you can access our mock tests on mobile, tablet, laptop or computer.


How do I buy the tests package I like?

Go to www.ptepracticetests.com and click on "Take Mock Test", you will be redirected where you can create an account and choose a package of your choice. You can continue by making the payment and you will get mock tests login details.


What details are needed to create an account?

You just need to enter your name, email, and mobile number.


How will I log in after buying a package?

Log in credentials will be sent to your email and phone.


What is the validity of these test packages?

The validity is one year.


Do I get scores only if I request for evaluation?

You get full scorecard when you ask for evaluation but auto scoring is available for Reading Listening Tests.

PTE Practice Tests

What if I picked Package I or used all my evaluations from Package II but I need an evaluation?

You can request for additional evaluation anytime. It costs 6 AUD per evaluation.


What do I get after the evaluation is done?

You get a scorecard similar to PTE Academic Score Card.


How long does it take to Evaluate?

It will take upto 2 working days.


What if I don't like the mock tests after making the purchase?

If you contact us within 24 hours, you can get a refund.


How do I contact PTEPracticeTests?

Dial +61 4888 4647 or email at [email protected] You can also use the chat system or WhatsApp.