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What Questions Contribute to PTE Academic Communicative Skills?

As we know, An official PTE Academic Score Card contains an overall score and Skill Profile.

An official PTE Academic Score Card contains an overall score and Skill Profile. In the skill Profile, you will have PTE Academic Communicative Skills and Enabling Skills. The overall score is calculated by every aspect of your performance. Different communicative and enabling skills scores evaluated by evaluating different questions. Let's Talk about PTE Academic Communicative skills and what questions contribute to it!

PTE Academic Communicative Skills Scores Includes:

Many students have this misconception that only the particular section contributes to that skill. For example, if you think only Part II: Reading of the PTE Academic contributes to your reading score then you are wrong. Your reading score forms by taking different items from the whole test. What are those? That's what we are here to explain to you in this article.

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PTE Academic Communicative Skills

Your ability to comprehend English through Listening is determined through the various question in PTE Academic. It's not a surprise that questions outside the Listening Section are taken into consideration for this score.

Part I: Speaking & Writing Repeat Sentence
  Re-Tell Lecture
  Answer Short Question
Part III: Listening (All of them) Summarize Spoken Text
  Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers
  Fill In The Blanks
  Highlight the correct summary
  Multiple Choice, Single Answer
  Select Missing Words
  Highlight Incorrect Words
  Write From Dictation



pte academic communicative skills

Another scoring component which has a separate section: Part II. Reading is the best way to learn proper English so if you are good at reading then scoring high won't be a problem for you. Questions that contribute to Reading Scores are:

Part I Speaking & Writing Read Aloud
  Summarize Written Text
Part II Reading Multiple Choice Question, Single Answer
  Multiple Choice Question, Multiple Answers
  Re-Order Paragraphs
  Fill In The Blanks(Drag n Drop)
  Fill In The Blanks(Listed)
Part III Listening Highlight The Correct Summary
  Highlight Incorrect Words



pte academic communicative skills

Your speaking skills are not tested in any other section except Part I: Speaking & Writing. Therefore only one section contributes to this score but not all the questions are evaluated as writing is also the part of the same section. Take a look at the questions that contribute:

Part I: Speaking & Writing Read Aloud
  Repeat Sentence
  Describe Image
  Re-Tell Lecture
  Answer Short Question



pte academic communicative skills

Your writing abilities are scored in both the enabling and communicative skills but on different parameters. Let's look at the question that contributes to this score:

Part I: Speaking & Writing Summarize Written Text
Part II: Reading Fill In The Blanks (Listed)
Part III: Listening Summarize Spoken Text
  Fill In The Blanks
  Write From Dictation


All the components are weighted equally to determine your overall scores. We hope we made the PTE Academic Marking more understandable to you. Now that you know about the scores, it's a good time to practice by choosing one of our PTE Practice Tests Packages. You can reach out to us anytime if you have any query. We are happy to help!