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Familiarize yourself with PTE Academic equipment


PTE Academic is a computer-based exam so it’s important for students to know what to expect on the test day. It is super easy to familiarize yourself with the PTE Academic equipment. Your administrator will log you in and check the various equipment with you to make sure they work right.

pte acdemic equipment


The Computer Screen

The computer screen will be your Question Paper and Answer sheet showcasing questions and space to enter your answers for the PTE Academic Exam.



pte academic equipmentMouse

The basic component of any computer includes a mouse. A standard mouse which controls the mouse cursor on the screen. Right click to select answers and click next for the next question. The left click is mainly for copy & paste functions. Mouse functions include clicking next, submitting an answer, increasing or decreasing volume of audio or copy/cut/paste feature.



pte academic equipmentKeyboard

The next component is the keyboard. A QWERTY keyboard is used for PTE Academic. Most people around the world use QWERTY keyboard, it won't be difficult for you. Keyboards are mainly usable in Writing Questions like Essay, Summarizing paragraphs etc. You can work on your typing speed by practicing mock tests to achieve better time management.



pte academic equipmentMicrophone

The microphone is attached to the headset so you will be wearing it throughout the test. Note that you might hear your co-test takers mumbling/speaking during the test. Don’t let that distract you, try to practice in a busy environment to test yourself. But don't worry, the evaluation will take place only on your answers, just no shouting. Speak in your normal tone/voice.


pte academic equipmentpte academic equipmentpte academic equipment


Ideally, the microphone should be positioned around 2 fingers distance from your mouth. Make sure to check the position of your microphone. Refer to the pictures to understand better.


pte academic equipmentHeadset

As already established. Microphone and headphone is one instrument. The headset is connected to the computer. Headset plays a key role in the exam as many of the questions are in the form of audio. You will be able to hear audio prompts through the headset. It might also help to let you concentrate better by acting as an external sound barrier.





As you can see Pearson uses standard equipment which does not require any special skills. You just need to know the basic of computers and you will be good to go. A good way to familiarize yourself with PTE Academic equipment is simply attempting a mock test with the same components.

NOTE: If you face any problem with the equipment during the exam, raise your hand and call your administrator. Don’t mess with your equipment or system. Only use them to complete your exam.
Best Wishes From PTE Practice Tests!