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3 Things To Know If You Are Giving PTE Academic For First Time

English proficiency exams are costly so people obviously want to get their desired scores in the first attempt. Although you are free to attempt PTE Academic as many time as you like. We would like to inform you of a few things before you take the test. 

Don't Just 'Make Do'

pte academic

Go for PTE Academic Mock Tests, we have two test packages you can choose from.

You can be an expert in English and still not get flying colors in PTE Academic. The reason? Not preparing well. It has nothing to do with how tough or easy the exam is. If you are going without checking the exam pattern, mock tests then get ready to be surprised. It's not going to be a good surprise. This is true not just for PTE Academic but all English Exams like TOEFL or IELTS. 

You might think if it's evaluating my English then why should I worry about learning more if I Know enough English? The answer to that is PTE Academic not only evaluates your English but that you can make it in an English Environment like a University, workplace etc. 

The solution is to analyze the PTE Academic Exam Pattern and understand it. Then Go for PTE Academic Mock Tests, we have two test packages you can choose from. Then request for evaluation to see how you progress. Don't just repeat the cycles but work on your mistakes and then do the mock tests.

The PTE Academic Environment

pte academic

We can all get nervous in Exam Halls but you need to know that PTE Academic Exam Hall is not like a regular one. Apart from knowing about the Equipment, you will be using for the test, you should know what's going to be around you. A typical PTE Exam Hall will have partitioned desk with each desk you will have a computer. What's the catch here? There will be noise during the Speaking Section. The desks are partitioned from sides but it's an open exam hall. So prepare yourself to concentrate when there's noise around you, the headphones might help in eliminating noise and rest is on you. It's not difficult when you try it a few times. We suggest taking mock tests in a busy environment.

The Cost Of Small Things

pte academic

You have done both of the above tests and you know how you are evaluated on PTE Academic Exam. You should know the small details that can cost you marks and make sure not to make those mistakes. You can read PTE Academic Score Guide to know everything in detail but we would like to mention some common one:

You see all these points are related to the technical aspects of PTE Academic or English itself. So as long as you are clear with basics, you will do good in PTE Academic. Good luck!