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How Mock Tests Helps You achieve 79+ Score In PTE

PTE Academic can be considered a practical exam. You know what practical exam needs? Practice. You can refer to tips, tricks, and books but at the end of the day, the most important thing is doing it. You need to plan PTE Mock Tests at regular intervals to get maximum scores.

Getting To Know The Real PTE

pte academic mock tests

You can obviously read the PTE Exam Pattern from guides, blogs, books, etc but nothing comes close to actual experience. If you are going for PTE Academic for the first time, it can surprise you in a lot of ways. Even if you knew the pattern in reading. It's important to get the real taste of PTE Academic in order to plan out your studies for PTE. 

Time Management

pte academic mock tests

Some tasks are individually timed while you get to choose your time on others but there is always a clock ticking. Like many exams, PTE needs time management. Good time management can give you enough time to formulate perfect answers and finish the whole test. There is nothing more effective than mock tests for this. In Reading and Listening, you will need your time management skills the most as you are only given 'total time'. Whereas Speaking & Writing is individually times so you need to get used to performing the task in the given time.

How To Approach Each Task

pte academic mock tests

You can surely refer PTE Academic Tips but how would you know that they work for you? The answer is PTE Mock Tests. It's important to actually test your strategy if you don't want any confusion during the actual exam. You should try different tips & tricks with mock tests and analyze the performance later to see what worked for you!

Analyze Performance

pte academic mock tests

When you are done with the mock tests, you can analyze them in the following ways:


pte academic mock test

You will see visible changes in your performance every time you do a mock test. Plan your PTE Academic Mock Tests at regular intervals to give time to both learning and practicing. Note down where you need improvement and where you are improving to keep up with it. This will help you to plan out better and study effectively. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us because we are happy to help you!