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Which PTE Academic Mock Test Package Is The Best For You


We at ptepracticetests.com understand that everyone has different needs and plans to prepare for the PTE Academic Exam. Therefore we have two separate PTE Academic Mock Tests Packages available on our website so that you don't have to compromise with your choice! 

Let's first look at the two packages we offer!


PTE Practice Tests Package I


PTE Practice Tests Package II

pte academic mock


 What is the difference?

The only difference is the evaluations. Remember, Package I only provide you with one evaluation while Package II  provides you with 5 free evaluation. This also makes it easy for students to decide which package they want. You are not compromising with the quality of mock tests, no matter what mock tests package you want to take. 


Which Package should I choose?

That depends if you want evaluations. Self-evaluation doesn't always tell you right scores/result but experts at ptepracticetests.com sure do. So if you want to see how you did at your mock test more than once then go with Package II. It comes with 5 free evaluation. Remember you can request for additional evaluation at 6 AUD per PTE Academic ScoreCard. 


Let's Do a Little Maths

pte academic mock

With Package II costing 50 AUD, students get free 5 evaluation with 50 online mock tests. What will these 5 evaluations cost you if you request them separately? 

Cost Per Evaluation X Number of Evaluations

Cost Per Evaluation= 6 AUD

Number of Evaluations= 5

6 X 5 = 30 

The cost of 5 seperate evaluations would be 30 AUD.

Let us also calculate for how much do you get these 5 evaluations in Package II:

Package I: 50 Online Mock Tests with one evaluation. It is only fair to say that the price of 50 Online Mock tests is 30 AUD.( one evaluation is taken as negligible here)

Therefore, Test Package II Cost- The Price of 50 Online PTE Academic Mock Tests

Cost of PTE Practice Tests Package II= 50 AUD

50 Online Mock Tests/Package I cost= 30 AUD

Cost 5 evaluations in Package II ~ 50 AUD - 30 AUD = 20 AUD

That means you get 5 evaluation with Package II for 20 AUD. That's a steal!

Some FAQs you may have after reading this article:


I want an evaluation but only one. Which package should I choose?

If you only want one evaluation then go for Package I, it offers one free evaluation.

Are the mock tests of Package I different from Package II?

No, they are the same. In both the packages, you get the same mock tests designed by the same experts.

The option to request for additional evaluation is only available in Package I?

No, the option to request for additional evaluation is available for both the packages.

What do I get when a buy a test package apart from mock tests?

24/7 Customer service and tips for PTE Academic.

How do I clear my doubts on PTE Academic Questions?

The mock tests dashboard will have chat options which will let you connect with students and experts.

Can I ask about mock tests packages through a call?

Yes, dial +61 4888 4647 to have a telephonic conversation.

Can I ask about mock tests packages through email?

Yes, drop us an email at [email protected]

Is there any other way to contact PTE Practice Tests?

Yes, you can use the chat system on our website or WhatsApp.