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Do The Best Time Management in PTE Academic For Every Section!

Time is an important factor in PTE Academic.  It's an English proficiency test that evaluates your English practically. In other words, if you can survive and thrive in an English environment like a workplace or university. This is clearly shown in PTE Academic's Exam Pattern. Every task or question has a specific time assigned because practical efficiency matters.

We all have been in a test where we knew the answers to all the questions but ran out of time. We don't want that test to be PTE Academic. Some simple tips and methods can let you complete answers much before the time limit. ( Yes that's possible!) Let's get to it.

Speaking Time Management

pte academic time management

Every task has a specific time assigned to it. The recording starts and stops automatically so you have to be prepared for it. There is only a specified time you can spend on each task. While you can only give your response when the recording starts, some preparation time is given for each question. Use the time before the microphone opens to prepare your response. All the question types from Part I : Speaking & Writing falls under this except the writing ones: summarize written text and write essay.


Writing Time Management

pte academic time management

You don't have to worry about overall time management as you can utilize the whole time. You can definitely plan your time consumption to get the best answer. Some questions require you to do more than one task. You have to decide how much time you can afford to give each task. For example, 'Summarize Written Text' needs you to read and write. Adopt the skim and scan method to read, make notes and then formulate your response. You can choose to decide what time you want to read, note and writing. You have 10 minutes and you should utilize the whole time. Deciding what time you want to take for these different tasks will help you construct a better answer. 

Question types where you can take all the time while answering:

Reading Time Management

pte academic time management

This is where you get to decide how much time you want to carry forward. In other words, you can take as much time you want for one question. You need to keep in mind that you will get a total time of 32-41 minutes with 15-20 questions. This can be both an advantage and con depending on how good you are with time.

This gives you the freedom of choosing what time you want to spend on one question.

You can practice PTE Practice Tests and see how much time you are spending on each task.

You have to remember that you need to get all the questions in the total time so don't spend way too much time on one question. Each question should take 1-3 minutes depending on prompt length.

Listening Time Management

pte academic time management

Another section, where you get to decide what time you want to spend on each question. Except for Summarize Spoken Text (which is individually timed), you can choose what works for you. The total time given is 45-57 minutes.

Since it's listening and the record is automatically played only once, many of the questions should be immediately answered:

As notetaking is hardly needed here (except fill in the blanks where you can use notepad first if you are slow typer). The prompt (recording length) should be almost equal to the time taken to answer.

For others, note-taking is mostly essential. There you have to decide on the time you are spending on each task. 


Make sure to reach all the questions. It all comes down to practice which you can obviously do with PTE mock tests. We wish you all the best!