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Why Am I Scoring Low in PTE Grammar?

Are you scoring low in your grammar section of PTE Practice Test ScoreCard or PTE Academic ScoreCard? Many students are not sure why this happens when they are confident that their grammar was alright. Let's discuss why the low score in grammar might happen and what you need to do improve it.

How Is PTE Grammar Scored

To know how to improve in a particular area, we must study how are the marks calculated. There are three questions on the basis which your grammar score are calculated:

Part I Speaking & Writing Summarize Written Text
Part III Listening Summarize Spoken Text

You must double check your grammar in these questions to get the best of it. PTE says grammar is evaluated by checking if the test taker has used correct language with respect to word order and form. Individually, grammar is scored on 0-2 which mainly means that if you:

These individual marks eventually contribute to the Grammar Score Under Enabling Skills on a scale of 10-90. 

If it's a PTE Practice Tests, then analyzing is really easy. Just login to your account and click 'Review' on the specific mock tests which sent in for evaluation.

What Is Grammar?


pte grammar

Every language has a set of rules. English Grammar defines the rules through which the correct use of language is ensured. Errors can lead to misunderstandings so you must know the basics. If you are a beginner, Part Of Speech is where you should start from. They can sound pretty complex but as you dive into it, you will start realizing it's not difficult at all. As you will practice more and more writing, you will get a hang of it.



pte grammar

You have looked at how you scored. It's time you analyze your performance. If it's a PTE Practice Tests, then analyzing is really easy. Just login to your account and click 'Review' on the specific mock tests which sent in for evaluation. You can find your submitted answers. Look if your submitted answer has:

Various grammar component can be checked but you need to determine what is causing the low score. We provide Expert Suggestions with our evaluation to help you out on the same.

Improve Your PTE Grammar Scores


Once you determine what's the issue with your grammar, you can easily improve. We have curated a list of things you can try to improve your score:

  1. Don't commit basic grammar mistakes, double check to ensure before submitting.
  2. You may want to introduce a few complex grammar structures into your writing as too simple might lead to average marks.
  3. Often no use of comma or wrong use of it leads to low scores. You may need to practice punctuation use.
  4. The apostrophe is another component many people ignore. For example, Its and It's can make all the difference!
  5. You will find yourself using pronouns a lot because obviously, you can't use a noun again and again. But you have to make sure it's clear what you are referring to. For Example, "He finally came home to his father, he is happy." Who is Happy Here? A better sentence can be: " His father was happy when he came home". 
  6. A really long running sentence can also hamper your score. Correct usage of transition words and a full stop is a must.
  7. Making Sense is the most important thing. So we going to mention it again, re-check for mistakes as a reader.