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All About PTE Practice Tests Instant Score


If you are not aware, PTE Practice Tests generate instant scores for Listening and Reading Section. The scores are for the particular section and they generate automatically upon finishing the mock test. In this article, you will get to know what this PTE Practice Tests Instant Score Report contains in detail. Call it a sneak peek if you want. 


How To Get An Instant Score Report?


Go To dash.ptepracticetests.com/dashboard and log in with your username and password. Username and password are provided when you purchase one of our PTE Practice Tests Packages. Attempt any mock tests from Listening or Reading Section and finish them. When you finish the mock test, a report is instantly generated. You will be redirected to the report once finished or you can access them later by clicking the "Analyze" button next to the mock test.

pte practice tests instant score


The Instant Score Report


It's time to talk about the contents of the PTE Practice Tests Instant Score Report. A detailed analysis of your performance is provided along with the scores. 

The Scores

pte practice tests instant score

Overall Test Score is out of 90 for your performance in reading section questions. Apart from the overall score, you are able to see:

  1. Time Taken: This indicates the time you have took to complete the whole mock test. You can also see the time limit for the test and a percentage indicating the time that you have utilized from the limit. For example, here the time limit is 45 minutes and the user has utilized 17% of it to complete the test.
  2. Correct: The total number of correct questions. 5 out of the 18 questions are totally correct in the above example.
  3. Partial Correct: The total number of partially correct questions. Partially correct means that your answer has some part correct and some part incorrect content for the particular question. 6 out of 18 questions are partially correct.
  4. Incorrect: The total number of incorrect questions. 5 out of 18 questions are incorrect according to the example.


Charts & Graphs

pte practice tests instant score



pte practice tests instant score


The Pie Chart

The pie chart represents the time taken in a more detailed manner. It distributes the total time taken by the type of questions. This can help the students analyze how much time they spend on questions and plan their time management accordingly. You can move your mouse cursor around the pie chart to check the different timings.


pte practice tests instant score


The Bar Graph

The bar graph indicates the average percentage according to the different question types. The bar graph is a good way to get an idea of your performance at a glance. You can also move your mouse cursor to check the percentage individually.  


Assessment of Every Question

pte practice tests instant score


You can see that all the 18 questions with time and correctness individually. The question number and question type help in identifying where you can improve. While the graphs offer a quick way to analyze your performance by different questions, this section can be considered a summary of those graphs. You can choose to check any of them to see how you faired.


You can also review your answers by clicking the "Review" button which can be seen on the Analyze page. Every answer will be marked as correct and incorrect individually. 


pte practice tests instant score


The correct answers for each question are also available on the same page. You can read/listen to the question again, read your answers and see what are the correct ones. 

That's not all. These are just the instant score, if you want to evaluate your whole performance then request an evaluation through your vouchers. Good luck for PTE Academic!