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A Roadmap To PTE Academic

PTE Academic Exam is a globally recognized English Proficiency Test. PTE, short for Pearson Test of English conducts this computer-based test conducted in over 50 countries. The test is for students who want to study abroad or emigrate. From Registration to Result, we will cover everything to get you through PTE in this article briefly.


pte academic registration

The registration process is really simple, you just have to visit pearsonpte.com/book-now and Click Create Account. You should enter your details according to your Passport as it will be cross-checked. Once you have created an account, you can sign in anytime with username and password to enter further details and make payment. 

PTE Academic Slot Booking costs you 13,299 INR but Buy PTE Voucher to Book PTE Academic, it will only cost you 12,222 INR with additional benefits.

How To Make Changes?

pte academic changes

Make sure you are available at the time and date you have selected. In case you are not, Pearson gives you a chance to change your slot. You can cancel or reschedule your PTE Academic Slot before 14 days from the exam free of cost. If you make slot changes after 14 days but before 7 days from exam will cost you 50% of the exam fee. Within 7 days from exams, in order to make slot changes you have to pay 100% fees so you just might as well make a fresh registration.

PTE Academic Pattern

pte academic exam pattern

The PTE Academic Exam consists of three sections which you can perform over the span of 3 hours: 

An optional break of 10 minutes takes place between reading and listening section. There are 20 different types of question in PTE Academic which may range between 70-91 question items. Check: Full PTE Academic Pattern.


pte academic prep

It's always an advantage to start your preparation as soon as possible. How you want to start depends on your current expertise in the language. But no matter where you stand, PTE Mock Tests are a must to get your desired marks. Even Native English Speakers will find it difficult to get good marks at first attempt. If you do enough mock tests, PTE Academic won't feel like a first attempt and you will breeze through the whole exam.

PTE Exam Day

pte academic exam day

Reach your test center at least 30 minutes before the exam. Don't forget your passport, you will be asked for it during the sign in. You are not allowed to take anything inside the exam hall but you will be provided a locker to keep your belongings. The sign in procedure includes showing the passport, Signing in Test Taker Rule Agreement, palm scanning, and standing in front of camera for picture. After frisking, you will be given notepad & pen. Your administrator will guide to exam hall sign in you into the system. The examination hall desks are partitioned.

PTE Academic Result

pte academic result

Pearson releases your result within 5 days from the exam. You will receive notification about the result in your inbox after which you can log in to your account and check your results. You will receive a scorecard with your necessary details and scores on a scale 10-90. The ScoreCard includes overall score, Skill Profile, and Graph. Under the skill profile, you will have different communicative and enabling skills scores. For a better idea of PTE ScoreCard, you can check PTE Practice Tests ScoreCard.

Send Your Results

pte academic

Not only you can access your scores, but you can send them to unlimited numbers of universities online. Log in to your account and click the send score option to search and send your PTE ScoreCard to universities. Your ScoreCard is valid for 2 years.