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Start Your PTE Academic Preparation in 5 Effective Steps

Looks like you have decided to opt for PTE Academic. Good decision, it's time to buckle up and start PTE Academic Preparation. Whenever people are preparing for an exam, it's always confusing where to start from. There are so many things to learn and it's obvious that you don't want to leave anything to chance. 

Mark The Calendar

PTE Academic Preparation

You don't have to set a date but it definitely makes it easier. By setting a date, you can make a schedule to cover the whole syllabus. If you have already booked PTE Academic, you know how much days you have. If you haven't booked it yet then put a date closest to the day you are going to give PTE Academic.

TIP: You can book PTE Academic beforehand because Pearson allows you to change the date & time free of cost 14 days prior to the exam.

Know The Exam

PTE Academic Preparation

Things you should know before you go for preparation:

  1. PTE Academic Exam Pattern Aka the 20 types of questions
  2. What skills are accessed: It helps to know what you should focus on, although it all comes down to using the 'right' English. Your form, pronunciation, oral fluency, written disclosure, 
  3. Scores: All the scores for PTE Academic are on a scale of 10-90. You can check a typical PTE Academic Scored Card here.

Give A Mock Test

PTE Academic Preparation

Once you have acquired the basic knowledge of the PTE exam, it's time to put your skills to test. You might think shouldn't practice come after understanding the concepts. PTE Academic is an exam where practice is learning. You can read books and guides, but practice is a must. Your first PTE Mock Test will tell you where you should start improving and also let you know exam pattern better. You can opt for an expert evaluation to get a ScoreCard which can help you analyze your performance better.

Study Time

PTE Academic Preparation

You should note down where you think you can improve. Ask us for study material, we are happy to help! Some skills are developed with time and habits and some need you to practice again and again. Give mock tests again and request an evaluation to check on your improvement. You can request more free evaluations according to the type of Practice Test Package you have selected. If you want to go a step further, you can obviously opt for classroom study. Although online practice should be enough for PTE Academic Preparation.

Practice Is The Key

PTE Academic Preparation

You might get low scores even if you think your English skills are good. Why is that? Because you might be making some rookie mistakes like not speaking when recording starts, loud breathing, wrong use of the capital letter. This is why the most important step towards PTE Preparation is Mock Tests. You can improve over time with the help of just mock tests and tips!

Last Minute Check

PTE Practice Tests

A day before the exam? Time to sit back and relax. Go over some important details on what you should and should not do on PTE Academic Exam Day. Keep your passport and alarm ready. Reach the center 30 minutes prior to avoid any mishap. Give your best and the result will be good!