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7 Things That Make PTE Academic Test Stand Out

There are many English tests out there for Non-Native English Speakers and that makes it difficult to decide which test you should take. Let us give you reasons why PTE Academic stands out among other tests and make the process of deciding which test to take, a little easy.


Completely Computer-Based


pte academic


There are tests that say they are “computer-based” but most of them are partially computer based. The speaking section test is usually taken person-to-person but not in the case of PTE Academic. It’s a totally computer-based exam which means you will give your whole test on the computer. The test is also evaluated by AI so there is no room for bias.


pte academic

Partial Credits


PTE Academic is transparent with their Exam Pattern and Scoring providing every little detail. Most of the questions have a partial credit system where credits are given even if there are some incorrect answers in your response. The maximum marks vary from item to item but the minimum marks are always zero. The Partial credit system gives you a benefit of doubt and recognizes your efforts.




The Exam is flexible to accommodate everyone needs. You can choose any Test Center in over 50 countries no matter where you live. All you need is a valid Passport. You can give this exam anytime you may desire as it conducts examination all around the year. If you have a medical condition and require aids during the exam then you may also contact Pearson so that they can guide you accordingly.


Cancel Or Reschedule


You can cancel or reschedule your PTE Academic slot after booking. You can reschedule or cancel your exam before 14 days from the exam, it's free of cost! If you want to do it within 14 days but 7 days from the exam, you have to pay 50% of the registration amount. After 7 days, you have to pay in full and it's no use to cancel or reschedule. The point is that PTE Academic gives you enough time to make changes if any.


Prepare Online


As PTE Academic is a computer-based exam, there is no need to attend coaching classes unless you think you can do better that way. But mock tests and evaluations have been more than enough for students. The mock tests give an authentic experience of how a real PTE Academic test would be.


You can choose your desired PTE Practice Tests package and start preparing now!


pte academic


Fast Results


PTE Academic provides your PTE scorecard within 5 days from the test, that's faster than others.  You don't have to wait longer for PTE Academic result, it makes it easier for students to send their scores or take the test again. Students really get nervous about the result after the exam but you don't have to dwell in nervousness after this exam. These scores are valid for 2 years.


Send Scores In A Click


You can use your Pearson account to send in your scores to various universities. This feature is totally free of cost and you can send your scores unlimited times. Your personal introduction is not scored but it is sent to the universities with the scorecard.